Instantly turn your words into images. Wimage aims to change the way we communicate.

Think it | See it | Share it

Have a story, thought, or idea? Tell it through a Wimage. Using text or voice, your words are transformed into icons, right in front of your eyes. Simply type in the word you are looking for, filter through different options. Want to include text? You can. You can choose from a variety of fonts and styles.

Be creative. Make a pattern, use your favorite colors, or add other images. Personalize your Wimage and message it to friends, or share it on Facebook. Go big. You can choose to post your final Wimage on the website for all the world to see.

Your Feedback Matters. Send us an e-mail and share your thoughts so we can make the app a better experience for everyone.

Wimage Team

Michael Hyacinthe
CEO | Co-Founder

Nic Jansma
CTO | Co-Founder

Kevin Kammeraad
Creative Director