Table of Contents:

Logging In

To log into the Community Administrator’s screen, please go to:


Your Username and Password should have been emailed to you already.

If you have lost your password, please click on the Lost your password? link.

The Admin Interface

Once logged in, you will see the Community Admin interface.  Wimage is built on top of the WordPress publishing platform.


On this screen, you can see recently published Wimages and other details.

The majority of the administrative options are available in the left menu:

  • Posts – Shows all Wimages (existing, in moderation and trashed)
  • Comments – Shows comments on Wimages
  • Communities – Lets you configure your Community, as well as edit Wimage Categories
  • Profile – Edit the profile you’re logged in as


By selecting Posts in the left menu, you can view and manage all of the Wimages submitted to your Community:


By default, you will see all Wimages submitted to your Community.  You can use the navigation links up top to filter to PublishedDraft and Trash:

  • Published posts are Wimages you have approved to appear on your Community site.
  • Draft posts are Wimages that you need to approve or delete.  They will not show up on the Community site until they have been approved.
  • Trash posts are Wimages you have removed from the site.  You can un-Trash a post at a later time if you wish.

As a Community Admin, you also have the ability to edit Wimages.  You can do any of the following:

  • Edit the title of a Wimage
  • Edit the description (story) of a Wimage
  • Edit the uploaded Wimage
  • Move the Wimage from one Category to another


A Category is a way of organizing your Wimages.  All Wimages submitted to your Community site are assigned a Category.

On your Community site, you can call Categories whatever you want, such as a Prompt, Event, or Inspiration.  You can make this nomenclature change in the Community section of the Admin interface.

You can edit your Categories from either the Posts or Communities menus:


Here, you see a list of all of your Categories.  You can add, edit and remove Categories from here.

When creating a new Category, you are prompted for the following information:

  • Name is the name of the Category, and will be shown in the Wimage App
  • Slug is a URL-friendly version of the Name.  For example, if the Name is “My Category” the Slug could be “my-category”.  If you leave this blank, a Slug is generated for you based on the Name.
  • Parent is the parent Category, and should be set to your base Category
  • Description will be shown in the Wimage App when users are starting to create a new Wimage, as well as on your Community website.  If you want to prompt your Community members with a specific thought, idea or question, the Description is a great place to do that.

Community Settings

By selecting Communities in the menu bar, you can edit your Community settings:


Simply click on your Community’s name to edit it:


The Community Edit screen allows you to change how your Community’s Home page appears.

The following options can be edited:

  • Description (main edit box) is what is displayed on your Community’s Home page.  You can use the editor to add images, change text and edit colors and styles.
  • Featured Image (on the right) is your Community’s square icon, which is used on your Home page and in the Wimage App.
  • Text Description is used in the Wimage App when users of the app are given a list of Communities they can join.  It can be similar to the Description, but cannot contain formatting or images.
  • Show Community Title option determines whether your Community name is displayed on the Home page.  If not selected, your Description can show whatever custom text you want instead.
  • Category Name option is what text is used when talking about a single Category.  Examples are “Prompt”, “Event”, “Category” or “Inspiration”.
  • Category Name (plural) option is what text is used when talking about more than one Category.  Examples are “Prompts”, “Events”, “Categories”, or “Inspirations”.
  • Left Bar Color is the background color on your Community site’s left bar.
  • Left Bar Font Color is the font color on your Community site’s left bar.
  • Password is optional.  If set, users of the Wimage App will need to enter that password to join your Community.