Wimage Connect is a visual communication platform that helps to engage and educate 21st century students through a combination of creativity, visual learning and technology. Wimage Connect engages a students creative mind with both social and emotional outcomes.

Teachers and administrators can engage with students by inspiring and prompting creative challenges and discussions or simply initiating brainstorming ideas about classroom or community topics.

Schools can use Wimage Connect to provide accessible opportunities for all students to instantly visualize and share thoughts, feelings, and concerns/comments.  Wimage Connect can provide the tool for all students to become creative and experience the multiple benefits in artistic and visual expressions.  Wimage Connect can be personalized for one school administrator or for all individual departments and or teachers.

Wimage Connect for Education

Wimage Connect for Education

Education Benefits

  • Students will be able to express themselves visually and more fluidly due to the interpretive capabilities provided by Wimage.
  • Students are able to write stories and instantly illustrate key moments in their narrative.
  • Word associations and vocabulary building. Students can type and search words and get easily comprehensible visual definitions.
  • Wimage can assist in fundamental math problems (math word problems) and critical thinking problems are possible due to Wimage’s ability to understand quantitative values.
  • Wimage can be used as a side-by-side visualization tool and companion for children during reading.
  • Teachers and instructors can easily integrate Wimage into their lesson plans.
  • Art teachers can use this tool to have children draft ideas more intricate and in-depth art projects.
  • Parents can use Wimage for reinforcing learning and creativity at home.